The Secret Lives of Christmas Trees

Peppermint Princess

Peppermint Princess

It’s that time of year…Here’s a short film we made in 2010. The Secret Lives of Christmas Trees “star” all of the clothespin dolls I’ve made throughout the years and posted on my blog as well as a collection of Christmas ornaments passed down through the years from our families (some well over 50+ years old) in addition to ornaments we’ve collected over 30+ years!

To all of my blog readers…Thank you for reading, following and liking my blog and making it a great year for me!

Wishing all of you a Very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!


‘Twas the night before Christmas, then the clock struck twelve…


Aloha, Kilikina Hula Clothespin Doll

Aloha! Kilikina’s Bandeau Top and Sarong: recyled silk blouse. Hair: black yarn. Flower in hair: recycled ceramic earring. Armband: wood bead recycled from old pair of sandals.


Antique Bride Clothespin Doll

I love all of the clothespin dolls I have created but if someone were to ask me which was my favorite, I would have to say the Antique Bride.

The Antique Bride’s dress and veil were made and hand sewn from all antique lace and ribbons and adorned with antique mini pearls. Antique lace stockings and antique ribbon for her garter. Bouquet snipped from dried flowers on my kitchen table. The only new item purchased for this project was the bride’s hair. Her hair is real sheep’s wool (Romney Marsh Sheep Fleece) purchased from an exhibitor I met at the 1996 Long Island Fair. The wool has natural curl to it and I’ve used it for many clothespin doll projects.

I’ve been asked to make Antique Bride clothespin dolls to be given as bridal shower gifts for brides-to-be. No two are alike, all are one of a kind.

Hope you enjoy!

Princess Ballerina Clothespin Doll

Winner 2nd Place 1996 Long Island Fair Crafts Handmade Dolls & Toys Clothespin

This was my first clothespin doll, “The Princess Ballerina.”

As I like to recycle, “The Princess Ballerina” was made from an old clothespin found in my mother-in-law’s garage. Dress: old tissue paper wrapping, vintage ribbons and tulle netting chosen from a bag of vintage ribbons and materials purchased from a second-hand shop. Hair: cut from an old doll. Tiara: silver earring found on one of my walks. Stockings: I crocheted using thread leftover from another project.

After creating “The Princess Ballerina,” I was hooked on making clothespin dolls.

Clothespin dolls make wonderful Christmas ornaments (no hangers or strings required!).