Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


A buxom young lass named Molly

thought Irish jigs were such folly.

Until Lord of the Dance

gave sweet Molly a chance…

Boy, could she jiggle by golly!


The Secret Lives of Christmas Trees

Peppermint Princess

Peppermint Princess

It’s that time of year…Here’s a short film we made in 2010. The Secret Lives of Christmas Trees “star” all of the clothespin dolls I’ve made throughout the years and posted on my blog as well as a collection of Christmas ornaments passed down through the years from our families (some well over 50+ years old) in addition to ornaments we’ve collected over 30+ years!

To all of my blog readers…Thank you for reading, following and liking my blog and making it a great year for me!

Wishing all of you a Very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!


‘Twas the night before Christmas, then the clock struck twelve…

DEXTER (Horse) Weathervane

“Dexter” in oak

Another one of my husband’s beautiful folk art weathervane carvings.

This profile of Dexter, a famous trotter featured in a Currier & Ives lithograph, was popular with 19th century weathervane makers.

Pattern taken from “Carving Early American Weathervanes” by Anthony Hillman (Dover publications).

Dexter is carved from recycled oak with a clear stain finish

Dexter measures: 17.5 inches x 8.5 inches, 3/4 inch thickness

Old recycled upholstery tacks were used for his eyes


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! “Dobie” Wood Nymph Sprite Clothespin Doll (Faerie Folk Collection)

Top o’ the morning to you!

Meet “Dobie” a sweet wee wood nymph sprite.  Dobie’s wings and body glisten with green and rust colored faerie dust.

Dobie can be found happily flitting about the forest listening for the latest news in the faerie and leprechaun kingdom. He loves taking a shower in the morning dew among the flowers.

Measurements (w/o base):  2.0 inches high (includes height of hair) 3.75 inches high (with base)

Wingspan:  1.0 inch

Body:  wooden clothespin (I cut off 1/2 inch to give Dobie his diminutive size)

Hair:  black feather (recycled from an old boa)

Ears: cork (from wine bottle)

Wings: cardboard

Clothespin and wings covered with glitter glue.

Base: (purchased bag of 6 at the Dollar store) has a moss-covered look and feel with silk-like sunflowers (recycled from an old bouquet).

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Las Vegas Showgirl “Roxy” Clothespin Doll

Viva Las Vegas! Everyone loves the old Vegas of yore and Roxy is reminiscent and a tribute to the traditional showgirl.

Showgirl Costume and Headdress: plastic bead and feathers from an old boa. G-string: broken bracelet. Arms: pipe cleaner wrapped with old silver glitter ribbon. High heels: painted on with glitter glue. Enjoy!