Rubber Chickens In The Arts

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Here’s another fun Library District competition I entered in 2010 using all recycled materials. ¬†This was a challenging and fun project because it forced me to use rubber chickens in a creative way to promote reading.

I entitled my piece William Shakespeare’s “Omelet.”

I received the “Most Creative Individual” award ūüôā

Stage Base: Old box painted black

Plastic Egg (on stage floor) and Rubber Chickens – “Omelet and Horatio” donated by a neighbor

Stage backdrop: Old book painted black, then pasted background graphics I created on to it

Front and Back of the book: pasted graphics of “Omelet” title and of William Shakespeare with “No rubberChickens were harmeth…”

Capes and tunics: sewn from recycled materials (cotton, silk, suede) from my arts and crafts box

Props: Graphics of tombstones printed and then cut out. Omelet holds a broken eggshell in his hand.  Bookmark made from recycled gold ribbon and a feather

I really love to play with words and after the project was done I regretted not calling my project “Sheggspeare’s Omelet.” ¬†I also regretted not calling Horatio by “Horeggio.” ¬†At the time I made the project, I figured “Omelet” and “Yolkick” was plenty and using more would have been overkill.

This project was so much fun, I actually made a short 1.25 minute video and entitled it “Sheggspeare’s Omelet” where I did use Horeggio. Here’s the link below if you wish to view it. ¬†Please watch it through the credits which is where you will really see my love of playing with words. ūüėČ

Enjoy! ¬†Hope you have had an “egg”cellent time!


DEXTER (Horse) Weathervane

“Dexter” in oak

Another one of my husband’s beautiful folk art weathervane carvings.

This profile of Dexter, a famous trotter featured in a Currier & Ives lithograph, was popular with 19th century weathervane makers.

Pattern taken from ‚ÄúCarving Early American Weathervanes‚ÄĚ by Anthony Hillman (Dover publications).

Dexter is carved from recycled oak with a clear stain finish

Dexter measures: 17.5 inches x 8.5 inches, 3/4 inch thickness

Old recycled upholstery tacks were used for his eyes


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! “Dobie” Wood Nymph Sprite Clothespin Doll (Faerie Folk Collection)

Top o’ the morning to you!

Meet “Dobie”¬†a sweet wee wood nymph sprite. ¬†Dobie’s¬†wings and body glisten with green and rust colored faerie dust.

Dobie can be found happily flitting about the forest listening for the latest news in the faerie and leprechaun kingdom. He loves taking a shower in the morning dew among the flowers.

Measurements (w/o base):  2.0 inches high (includes height of hair) 3.75 inches high (with base)

Wingspan:  1.0 inch

Body:  wooden clothespin (I cut off 1/2 inch to give Dobie his diminutive size)

Hair:  black feather (recycled from an old boa)

Ears: cork (from wine bottle)

Wings: cardboard

Clothespin and wings covered with glitter glue.

Base: (purchased bag of 6 at the Dollar store) has a moss-covered look and feel with silk-like sunflowers (recycled from an old bouquet).

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Las Vegas Showgirl “Roxy” Clothespin Doll

Viva Las Vegas! Everyone loves the old Vegas of yore and Roxy is reminiscent and a tribute to the traditional showgirl.

Showgirl Costume and Headdress: plastic bead and feathers from an old boa. G-string: broken bracelet. Arms: pipe cleaner wrapped with old silver glitter ribbon. High heels: painted on with glitter glue. Enjoy!