About Dolls Of The Woods

I’ve created this blog to share my love of creating unique clothespin dolls as well as other handmade items (mostly all created from recycled materials).

The Agricultural Society of Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, New York hosts their annual Long Island Fair. In 1996, I decided to enter a clothespin doll into the Crafts, Handmade Dolls & Toys, Doll, Clothespin category. This is where my love for clothespin dolls began.

I’m an avid walker and find many “treasures” (lone earrings, bracelets, broken pieces of jewelry, chains) during my walks. I always pick these items up and store them for future use and recycle these pieces into some form of art. 
I also peruse second hand shops, garage sales, GoodWill and The Salvation Army for vintage materials, ribbons, etc. to incorporate into my dolls.

Please enjoy and share!

P.S. In addition to “Dolls Of The Woods,” I started another blog, “The Prosed Pen”…a collection of original haiku, poetry, short stories penned by me over the years.

Hope you will visit “The Prosed Pen” as well as my  two other links: “Windy Indie Films” (film shorts made by my small film company) and “handmade1” (beautiful crochet work done by my friend).



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