Bib Lee O’Bookworm – “Devour A Good Book At Your Public Library!”

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Another departure from clothespin dolls. I’m in the process of completing a very special clothespin doll project which I will be posting photos of next week.

Here’s a character I created using all recycled materials.

Meet Bib Lee O’Bookworm. Bib Lee O’Bookworm was created for an employee art show, “Recycling Objects, Re-Purposing Ideas,” for the public library district I work for.

Bib Lee O’Bookworm’s “meal” is a book that was going to be thrown away (some of the pages were scribbled with crayon and edges torn).

Face: Plastic cap from a vapor rub jar (attached to the bottle cap with a thin spring, so his head bobs when touched) .

Eyeglasses: Plastic garbage bag tie.

Eyes: Saved from an old birthday card.

Mouth: Cut out from an old envelope.

Bib: Leftover piece of Aida cloth.

Body: (2) Plastic water bottles glued together filled with paper drilled out from the book. Dark banding covered with green glitter glue: Plastic frames from library cards leftover after a card has been issued to a patron (the frame holds the large library card and a keychain version).

Feet: Plastic beads from an old necklace.

Bib Lee O’Bookworm is on permanent display in the Young People’s Library section of the library where I work.



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