“Celesta” Dragonfly Fairy/Sprite Clothespin Doll (Faerie Folk Collection)

“Celesta” is a Dragonfly Fairy/Sprite who loves hunting for treasures.

One moonlit, night while flitting about, Celesta found a rare beautiful crystal flower glistening on the forest floor next to a Maidenhair Fern. Celesta proudly wears the crystal as the crystal has magical powers that helps her guide those who are lost in the forest.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I love to take walks and find “treasures” along the way to use in my creations. What inspired me to create my “Faerie Folk” clothespin doll creations was finding a dead Cicada (with wings intact) on one of these walks. When I spotted the beautiful cellophane like wings, “Celesta” The Dragonfly Fairy was on her way to becoming my first clothespin doll fairy/sprite.

Body: 2.5 inch clothespin covered with multi-colored glitter glue.
Wings: Cicada wings–outlined and sprinkled with gold glitter glue.
Hair: Romney Marsh Sheep Fleece (I just love the natural wave to it!) with a touch of gold glitter glue.
Hat: Piece of a broken acorn.
Crystal Flower: part of a broken Austrian crystal earring found on one of my walks.

Base/Stand: I purchased a bag of faux moss covered rocks (6 in a package) from the Dollar Store used in floral arrangements. These are styrofoam covered with a mossy look material. I purchased (from the Dollar Store as well) a box (100 count) of Bamboo cocktail forks. I stick the cocktail fork into the styrofoam. The clothespin doll fits nicely on it. Makes for a wonderful natural looking base/stand for the fairies/sprites.

After creating “Celesta” she looked more like a Dragonfly than a Cicada to me, so I took poetic license in calling her a Dragonfly.

P.S. After doing a little research on the Cicada, I found out these insects have been a source of fascination for several cultures since ancient times. I was thrilled to learn the ancient Chinese regarded the Cicada as powerful symbols of rebirth. So in essence, my recycling the wings has been a rebirth!



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